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Babywearing wasn't a 'thing' when I had my first son 11 years least I'd never heard about it. I lugged his heavy car seat everywhere! So, when I became pregnant with my second child last year, I was was determined to wear this baby as much as possible.

I have a stretchy wrap, a soft structured carrier, and a myheartcreative ring sling. I love all my carriers because they keep my son close enough to kiss and he falls asleep every time I wear him, but I especially love carrying Charlie in my ring sling because it's so lightweight and I love the color. I get compliments all the time when I wear Charlie, everyone wants to know where they can get an adult size sling! I will definitely be using my myheartcreative ring sling for many years to come. I'll never carry that clunky car seat again!



For me, babywearing has been an essential part of life since my son was born. It started with my needing to be able to cuddle and calm him, but also needing to function as a human being. Things like shopping, chores, and being in large crowds are all made so much easier and stress-free when you know exactly where your child is, that they’re being well taken care of, and that you can squeeze them or kiss their head any time the urge strikes—even when you’re using both of your hands to carry groceries!

I have several different options to reach for when it comes to ways to wear my toddler, but I find myself frequently reaching for my gorgeous myheartcreative ring sling. I’ve owned other big name ring slings in the past, but this one is, by far, the most comfortable, durable, and functional. Until I was introduced to this one, I had actually almost given up on ring slings, because they just didn’t feel supportive enough. I don’t have that problem at all with this sling. The pocket on the tail is forever useful, and I know that it is going to hold up well enough for me to be able to pass it on, and make another family happy when I am finished using it.

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Our Myheartcreative Ring Sling is by far my favorite way to baby/toddler wear. When I had my second baby my first had just turned two. She was potty training and learning to do so much. Having my sling made life so much easier on all of us. I could keep my newborn happy and tend to all the things my toddler needed.

What better place to have your baby than on your chest where she can hear your heartbeat and feel the warmth and love you have for her. I feel like babywearing brings you so much closer to your baby. My babies were always most content when they were on my chest and my Myheartcreative Ring Sling made that possible. I'm so thankful I had it. It was for sure one of the best purchases I made for my girls and I.

My husband also has one. We purchased a black one for him and he wears our toddler when we are out. They are perfect for fathers too!

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I think one of my first thoughts when we found out we were having twins at 12 weeks was "how am I ever going to get ANYTHING done or go anywhere by myself?" Now at 5 weeks old, I know! I met Amy and the myheartcreative crew at Affair of the Heart in Oklahoma City and purchased my first ring sling! Having one fussy baby is tough, but having two, is.... Really tough. But being able to hold one sweet little baby in my arms, and have another tucked safely in my ring sling makes life so much better. I didn't know much about ring slings, or baby wearing in general, before I talked to Amy but she got me excited about it and I'm so thankful for that! One less every day stress. I can't wait to start getting out more and more with the girls by myself and being able to use my ring sling and not worry about "how am I gonna do this?"

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If you haven't husband and I have been wearing our baby since he was born. We've had two wraps and a sling. Wearing my baby in our myheartcreative ring sling not only has allowed me to comfortably attend company parties, run errands, work at my desk, and clean house (all great things) but it also brings me and my son closer together. When I'm Babywearing, Maximus and I snuggle nonstop! I can keep a close watch on his well being and give him lots of kisses when we are heart to heart. Babywearing also boosts my confidence as a mom! Nothing says "awesome mom" like wearing your baby right?

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As a mother of 4 under four, I need my hands free to fill them up again. Whether it's my 8 month old or the 2.5 year old, this awesome sling gets it done. I love that it's practical AND pretty. The colors are so vibrant and cheerful and the material is sturdy and easily washable. It's not a ton of fabric to haul around and once you get familiar with it, you'll have it on in seconds. It's pretty much my favorite.

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I started babywearing both of my daughters from birth. For me, it was an essential part of being a mother! There’s something magical that happens for both mother and baby when your hearts are in sync!

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Babywearing allows me to have my baby close and keep up with my other children. I never leave home without it!


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Thank you for the babywearing consultation! I am so glad you were able to help me with my carrier and show me other kinds as well. I love the ring sling. Hope to see you at Affair of the Heart. Thank you again for taking the time to help me!
Jackie Yard

So glad to have met you @ Affair of the Heart! Can't wait to start my baby wearing lifestyle when baby arrives in a few weeks! Thank you for showing me how to wear baby and for all of the resources!
Lauren Gates

I love the beautiful linen fabric so much. Not only is the linen a great option for babywearing but it's pretty too. The ring sling is super quick and easy to get on while also being comfortable to wear.
Aimee Benton

So much easier than my other wraps I have. I can put it on by myself and it's still comfy and reliable!
Lindsy Gerrard

I have always given a Baby Ring Sling as my "signature baby shower gift" and have purchased many by several different companies over the years. I will never purchase another one except from myheartcreative. The quality of the material and workmanship far outclass any others. They also washes well. If you have never owned or used a Baby Ring Sling there is nothing to compare to the closeness, security and safety of the sling. I give this product an A+++++++++.
Susan Thomas

I met this husband and wife team at Babyfest in May. They were so nice and really took the time to explain and showcase their awesome baby carriers. I decided after a couple of weeks to take the plunge and get a ring sling. I just have to say I am never looking back. Haha. Their fabric is amazing and the pocket on the ring sling is the best. I will for sure be recommending them to all my friends!!
Ally Williams