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Our Story


With a BFA in graphic design from the University of Central Oklahoma, I (Amy) brought my skills to the professional world in 2006 as an Art Director for an ad agency and then as a web designer for a design group.

Coming to the United States to study, Sam earned his BSC from Lee University and traveled the world sharing his gospel. He moved into the medical field in 2000, gaining real-world experience in caring for others and learning the meaning of customer service, as well as other aspects of business that he applies to running myheartcreative.


One of our goals is to connect on a personal level with our clients and customers, as well as babywearers all over the world. We want you to know that there are real people behind our products and designs, and that they were created for a real purpose. We’ve always been big believers in babywearing and wore our babies from day one. In the beginning, we had a hard time finding the perfect carrier for our needs. So, what did we do? We designed one that works well for all babywearers. Our Ring Sling design is versatile, comfortable, adjustable, practical, and available in natural fabrics in fashion-forward colors.

It wasn’t always a walk in the park, however; the work and home life balance was a struggle and both of us worked from home as much a possible in order to care for our children and get our company off the ground. After both of us putting in a ton of work, sacrifice and late nights, I was able to step away from my design job in 2014 and devote my full attention to myheartcreative. What started as a creative blog in 2010, turned into a product line, and, later on, added services and team members. Now, we’re proud to say we have our own studio space in Bethany, Oklahoma and are both working there full time. We have clients nationwide and our products are available in various boutiques, with our brand expanding further every day.

We believe in togetherness and by integrating family into work, we achieve the highest level of success in both our professional and personal worlds. Our studio has a family room where children of clients and employees are welcome. In fact, we encourage our team to bring their children to work with them. We believe that through togetherness, we all reach new levels of success and we also believe that togetherness helps us live out our core values:

  • Always do what’s right

  • Do more with less

  • Have a craftsman’s attitude

  • Deliver unmatched service

  • Never let it slide

See how we’ve grown from our first in-home studio, to our current office space.


It’s the heartbeat of our company.

We design our products and service intentionally with the purpose of giving back. Through our baby carriers, we are facilitating the healthy development of babies by encouraging that special closeness and bond between baby and wearer. And through our services, we are helping companies spread their message with beautiful designs. 

We also feel it’s important to donate our products, services, and time to others, in order to fulfill not only our business goals, but our personal goals as well. To date, we’ve donated:

  • over $13,000 in myheartcreative ring slings

  • over $23,000 in myheartcreative design services to nonprofit organizations

  • thousands of free myheartcreative babywearing consultations

  • and so much more through their family givings

Yes, our business is prospering, but we haven’t done it all on our own. We have the support of the babywearing community, with dozens of companies nationwide trusting us with their business needs. And this list is growing by the day.

With grit and elbow grease, we’ve built our company and continue to live out our dreams daily. We feel deeply connected to our Oklahoma community, as well as the entire babywearing world, and we continue to learn and grow every day.

Togetherness through beautiful design; that’s the myheartcreative way. 

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