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Medical Reviews


Hilary Knippers, MSN, APRN, FNP­C

I have the privilege of being able to wear my baby in a myheartcreative Baby Ring Sling. As a mom, it has given me the opportunity to bond with my baby by having her close to my chest while performing tasks around and outside of the home. As a boardcertified family nurse practitioner, I also have the ability to see its benefits from a medical standpoint.

Current guidelines recommend that babies sleep on their back for safety reasons. This has contributed to increased incidence of plagiocephaly (flat­headedness). By carrying my baby in the myheartcreative Baby Ring Sling, I have seen the degree of plagiocephaly is drastically reduced as it allows for my baby to be off of her back for more extended periods of time.

Not only does the myheartcreative Baby Ring Sling provide physical benefits, but it also fosters psychosocial development. The first stage of the renowned psychologist Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial stages is “Trust versus Mistrust.” It is when a newborn and young baby has uncertainty of the world around him or her, and relies on the primary caregiver for stability and consistency. I feel that the ring sling allows for the resolution of this stage (which fosters the virtue of Hope), as there is more consistency by the primary caregiver with her young baby.

Another theorist, Maslow, created the theory of the hierarchy of needs. It can be realized that, as long as the baby’s basic physiologic needs are met (food, shelter, warmth, etc.), the myheartcreative Baby Ring Sling helps to contribute to higher levels of the hierarchy as described by Maslow including safety, and love and belongingness. By wearing your baby in the myheartcreative Baby Ring Sling, it can be argued that your baby feels a greater amount of protection and security which meets the second level of the hierarchy; and even more can promote love and belongingness.

It can be realized that the myheartcreative Baby Ring Sling is providing more for my baby that just allowing me to be close to her for extended periods of time. It is comforting to have such a well­made product that is providing my baby with essential and advanced needs required for physical and psychosocial development from the very beginning of her life and beyond.

Susan Thomas, APRN

I have always given a Baby Ring Sling as my "signature baby shower gift" and have purchased many by several different companies over the years. I will never purchase another one except from myheartcreative. The quality of the material and workmanship far outclass any others. The pleating is gorgeous and very well stitched, material of superior quality and washes well. If you have never owned or used a Baby Ring Sling there is nothing to compare to the closeness, security and safety of the sling. I give this product an A+++++++++.


Jamie Nevarez, Occupational Therapy Assistant

I've tried a few other slings and wraps but myheartcreative is my favorite. The material is very comfortable and breathable. I can carry Ava for hours and my back feels great. I love that it keeps her hips in a good position. No worrying about dangling legs pulling on the joints.

Ava loves being in it when we are out and about. She can see what's going on. She loves looking around!